What’s Next


Ok.. I will be gone for a short while. Making a round trip (hence my beautiful new sponsor!). I will be working abroad, 6 months in a new city every time starting with.. Drum rolls… The place where all the high tech companies are located due to Tax benefits.. DUBLIN! I’m so looking forward to […]

Smart watches


What’s up with that? The weird thing is they have been around for over 30 years. Of course from Japan! But we weren’t Americans to stay, hey, we invented it! So now it’s all hip. And my choice for you to choose, would definitely not be the Apple one (have you seen the price). It […]

Inside Out


This is one weird film and in all honesty I think Pixar is overrated. The story in short was this girl who had to move to another town didn’t liked it, thought about running away from home but then last minute decided to stay. BAM! That’s story. Even for a girl like me, that’s kind […]



VR Virtual Reality will be the future! I want to bet all my money on this. There is this awesome music video about this dude who is ordering something while it’s raining out side. He opens this box and gets a helmet out and puts it on. Then the music video really starts to kick […]

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